Struggling with online therapy? Try these simple tips

I started providing online therapy some time before the pandemic made it commonplace. What used to be a niche has now become mainstream. No longer are you restricted to therapists based on geography, you can now find a therapist whose specialisms and way of working math you needs. There are lots of technical considerations for … Read More

Useful podcasts about death and dying

Despite its certainty, death (and the process of dying) receives little attention in day-to-day life. When we are faced with mortality, it can be really difficult to draw upon a language and a way of feeling about dying that feels authentic or meaningful – simply because we have lacked the opportunity to think about it. … Read More

Free mindfulness resources

Mindfulness is the intentional practice of bringing your attention to the present moment and accepting it for what it is, without judgement or the desire for it to be somehow different. The origins of mindfulness, as most of us understand it today, come from Buddhist traditions and meditation techniques. Yet since the 1970s mindfulness has … Read More

Online Therapy UK – availability, resources, links

Online therapy in the UK (such as online counselling, online psychotherapy and online CBT) has grown in popularity following the increased difficulty of accessing face-to-face services during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a therapist providing online therapy to clients in the UK (and beyond), I thought it would be helpful to pull together some resources about … Read More

Finding it difficult to get over your ex? Maybe Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to blame

In a research paper titled “Am I Never Going to Be Free of All This Crap?”: Upsetting Encounters with Algorithmically Curated Content About Ex-Partners, researchers have found one fairly modern problem that might prevent a broken heart from healing: your social media profiles. And more specifically, the AI and algorithms that decide what you see … Read More