The ‘five basic emotions’

Emotions are the fabric of our daily lives, coloring our experiences, shaping our interactions, and playing a crucial role in our overall well-being. In my practice as a counsellor, I’ve seen firsthand how an understanding of emotions can significantly impact wellbeing – tools such as the feelings wheel can be particularly helpful. But what exactly … Read More

Cultivating Well-being: Simple Strategies for Effective Self-Care

Self-care is a fundamental aspect of therapy and personal well-being. It’s about acknowledging and addressing our own needs in a world that often demands us to prioritize others. This may feel selfish at first, especially when we’re aware of the immense challenges faced by people around us. However, consider the familiar instruction during a flight … Read More

What is minority stress theory?

Have you ever heard of minority stress theory? In this blog, I’ll take a look at what minority stress theory is, its origins, and how it impacts the mental and emotional well-being of people from minority groups. Understanding Minority Stress Theory Minority stress theory—what does this term mean? In simple terms, this theory suggests that … Read More

Unlocking Your Authentic Self: A Gay Man’s Guide to Identity and Self-Acceptance

In this post, I want to explore a topic close to my heart and my work: the exploration of identity and self-acceptance in the gay community. This subject is not just about understanding who we are but also about embracing and celebrating our unique selves in a world that often presents more questions than answers. … Read More