Clarity and Meaning with Online Counselling

Hello, my name is William (he/him), and I am a BACP registered accredited psychological counsellor working with individuals across the UK and Europe. My specialism is in online counselling, helping adults to gain clarity and meaning in their lives.

I am here to offer support during your struggles and to help you gain a fresh perspective on your life. If you are interested in learning more or booking a session, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

My Experience & Focus

Relationships, Identity, Gender, Sexuality

  • Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversity
  • Self-discovery and self-awareness
  • Relationship issues and difficulties
  • Recovery from difficult relationships
  • Identifying the right type of relationship for you

Emotional Wellbeing and Awareness

  • Identifying and labelling emotions
  • Coping with anger
  • Self-care techniques
  • Developing emotional strength and coping mechanisms

Relocation, Culture Shock and Adaptation

  • Moving to a new country
  • Redundancy and changes at work
  • Coping with loss
  • Ageing and growing older

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