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Hi, I’m William. I’m a qualified, BACP Registered, professional counsellor working online with a wide range of people and problems.

I’ve helped many people understand and overcome a wide range of concerns and issues, leading to greater clarity and meaning in life. Contact me to book a session or find out more.

My Experience & Focus

Relationships, Identity, Gender, Sexuality

  • Gender & Sexual Diversity
  • Understanding yourself better
  • Relationship issues and difficulties
  • Healing from difficult relationships
  • Finding the right type of relationship for you

Emotional Wellbeing and Awareness

  • Identifying and naming emotions
  • Working with anger
  • Taking care of yourself

Relocation, Culture Shock and Adaptation

  • Moving to a new country
  • Redundancy and changes at work
  • The loss of someone or something important to you
  • Ageing and getting older

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Improving your emotional vocabulary

When we don’t have the words to say how we are feeling, it can seem like old and unwelcome behaviours take over. Feelings wheels can be a great way to connect with how you are feeling in the moment – creating deeper connections between yourself and others.