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Free Online Counselling Services

Are you looking for free online counselling? It is one of the most common requests people have and though I do not offer free sessions, I am keen to share with you the organizations across the world that offer free online therapy. Below, I have listed several services that provide free online therapy or free … Read More

Why is online counselling important?

As an online therapist, I never really question the importance of online counselling: I see first-hand the benefits it can bring. That said, I realize that many people might ask, why is online counselling important? Online counselling is important because it opens up access to mental health services. You no longer need to choose a … Read More

Your guide to the drama triangle

What is the drama triangle? The drama triangle is a psychological model that describes the dynamics of interpersonal conflicts in terms of three roles: the rescuer, the victim, and the persecutor. It’s deceptively simple but many people find it an incredibly powerful tool to reflect on their interpersonal relationships. The model is represented as a … Read More

Intercultural counselling with Zekiye Kartal

Portrait photo of Zekiye Kartal

I chatted to Zekiye Kartal (she/her), an Intercultural Counsellor based in London to learn more about her approach and her way of working.

Zekiye offers individual therapy and works with clients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She works in three languages: English, German and Kurmanci (a Kurdish delict). Alongside her private practice, Zekiye works for Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre: a pioneering therapy approach offering counselling in over 25 languages.

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