Person holding their head in their hands sat at a desk in front of an open laptop. Behind them a flame burns, creating a screen of orange, red and yellow. Around the person are pieces of work, a clock and other artifacts related to working.

Burnout in Counsellors and Psychotherapists: How Supervisors Can Identify, Support, and Prevent It

Psychotherapists and counsellors dedicate themselves to supporting others, but this emotionally demanding work can take a toll. Burnout, and the related concept of compassion fatigue, are serious concerns for the mental health field. Supervisors hold a unique position to identify signs of burnout in their supervisees, foster a supportive environment, and promote preventative strategies. This … Read More

An illustration of a woman looking sad and deflated resting her chin on her folded arms.

Understanding Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: A Guide for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

In the demanding world of therapy and counselling, professionals walk a tightrope between empathy and self-preservation. The emotional labor inherent in this work can lead to a sense of depletion, often described by terms like “burnout,” “compassion fatigue,” and “vicarious trauma.” This blog post for therapists aims to provide clarity on these definitions, helping you … Read More

Cultivating Well-being: Simple Strategies for Effective Self-Care

Self-care is a fundamental aspect of therapy and personal well-being. It’s about acknowledging and addressing our own needs in a world that often demands us to prioritize others. This may feel selfish at first, especially when we’re aware of the immense challenges faced by people around us. However, consider the familiar instruction during a flight … Read More

What is minority stress theory?

Have you ever heard of minority stress theory? In this blog, I’ll take a look at what minority stress theory is, its origins, and how it impacts the mental and emotional well-being of people from minority groups. Understanding Minority Stress Theory Minority stress theory—what does this term mean? In simple terms, this theory suggests that … Read More