Unravelling Internalised Homophobia: Understanding and Addressing Our Own Prejudices

As we navigate our way through life, we often face challenges that are deeply rooted in our own perceptions and beliefs. One such challenge that has a significant impact on the LGBTQ+ community is internalised homophobia. In this article, I aim to explore the concept of internalised homophobia, its impact on mental health, and how … Read More

Emotional Abuse: spotting the signs and knowing what you can do

Emotional abuse is a type of abuse that can take place in any environment – at home, school, or work. It is important to understand that emotional abuse is not limited to romantic relationships or parent-child relationships, but can also occur between friends or colleagues. Despite being difficult to recognise, it can leave deep emotional … Read More

The benefits of saying ‘no’

The difficulties in saying ‘no’ have been documented in scientific literature. But it’s an important tool for setting boundaries, breaking the habit of people pleasing, and prioritizing one’s own needs. It’s a way of taking control of one’s life and creating a healthier, happier future. However, many struggle with saying ‘no’ because they want to … Read More

Why are social connections important for our wellbeing?

It is said that social connections are necessary for our mental health because people need to feel like they belong to groups and communities. Why connections are important for our mental health Social connections are more than just superficial relationships. Friends, family, and even acquaintances provide us with love, empathy, and understanding in ways that … Read More

What’s a relationship anarchist?

Relationship anarchy is an anti-normative approach to romantic and intimate relationships. This posts will take you through some of the basic ideas behind this approach to relationships and give you some resources for further exploration. Who introduced the idea of relationship anarchy? The term relationship anarchist was coined by Andie Nordgern, a queer feminist based … Read More