What is instant messaging counselling?

Instant messaging counselling (sometimes called WhatsApp therapy, text counselling, messaging counselling) is an innovative way of having online therapy without the use of a webcam or a microphone. The session takes place in real-time, with you and the counsellor typing to one another. What is counsellng via messenger? Counselling via messenger allows for people to … Read More

Finding an online counsellor

You may be on the search for a mental health professional and wondering if you should consider seeing one online. Online therapy is growing in popularity, so it’s important to understand the ways to find a therapist online and the questions that you might like to ask them. An online counsellor, also known as a … Read More

Are bots the future of online therapy?

OK Siri, end my depression. A paper from the BJPsych Bulletin (a Royal College of Psychiatrists publication) wanted to explore whether the rapid development of digital technologies would mean that bots – similar to Siri or Alexa – would provide psychotherapy to meet the ever-increasing demands placed upon the NHS for counselling and psychotherapy. Is … Read More

Struggling with online therapy? Try these simple tips

I started providing online therapy some time before the pandemic made it commonplace. What used to be a niche has now become mainstream. No longer are you restricted to therapists based on geography, you can now find a therapist whose specialisms and way of working math you needs. There are lots of technical considerations for … Read More