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What is instant messaging counselling?

Instant messaging counselling (sometimes called WhatsApp therapy, text counselling, messaging counselling) is an innovative way of having online therapy without the use of a webcam or a microphone. The session takes place in real-time, with you and the counsellor typing to one another. What is counsellng via messenger? Counselling via messenger allows for people to … Read More

Finding an online counsellor

You may be on the search for a mental health professional and wondering if you should consider seeing one online. Online therapy is growing in popularity, so it’s important to understand the ways to find a therapist online and the questions that you might like to ask them. An online counsellor, also known as a … Read More

Why are social connections important for our wellbeing?

It is said that social connections are necessary for our mental health because people need to feel like they belong to groups and communities. Why connections are important for our mental health Social connections are more than just superficial relationships. Friends, family, and even acquaintances provide us with love, empathy, and understanding in ways that … Read More

What’s a relationship anarchist?

Relationship anarchy is an anti-normative approach to romantic and intimate relationships. This posts will take you through some of the basic ideas behind this approach to relationships and give you some resources for further exploration. Who introduced the idea of relationship anarchy? The term relationship anarchist was coined by Andie Nordgern, a queer feminist based … Read More