Free mindfulness resources

Mindfulness is the intentional practice of bringing your attention to the present moment and accepting it for what it is, without judgement or the desire for it to be somehow different. The origins of mindfulness, as most of us understand it today, come from Buddhist traditions and meditation techniques. Yet since the 1970s mindfulness has … Read More

Breathing exercise for when you are feeling stressed

Finding a few minutes in your daily routine to do a calming breathing exercise can be incredibly beneficial. Especially if you are experiencing stress or anxiety. What follows is a very simple exercise that is designed to help you reconnect with your breath on a daily basis. Getting settled before you begin to breathe Find … Read More

Your mental health and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Right now, a lot of people are feeling uncertain and anxious due to the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on their daily lives. The huge amounts of news – across TV, radio, the press and social media – seems never-ending. It is inevitable that factors such as social distancing, self-isolation, confinement and the risk of losing … Read More