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What is existential therapy?

Existential psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that deals with existential issues such as death, responsibility, freedom, and the meaning of life. Rather than seeing problems such as depression, anxiety, alienation, and feelings of failure as symptoms of mental illness, existential therapy takes a broader view. It looks at these issues as a normal part … Read More

What is CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a method of psychotherapy that works with thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours. It focuses on helping clients identify their negative thoughts and attitudes that may be affecting their emotions, and developing healthy ones. CBT also encourages clients to practice specific skills such as relaxation and relaxation exercises. CBT therapists usually help … Read More

What is instant messaging counselling?

Instant messaging counselling (sometimes called WhatsApp therapy, text counselling, messaging counselling) is an innovative way of having online therapy without the use of a webcam or a microphone. The session takes place in real-time, with you and the counsellor typing to one another. What is counsellng via messenger? Counselling via messenger allows for people to … Read More

Finding an online counsellor

You may be on the search for a mental health professional and wondering if you should consider seeing one online. Online therapy is growing in popularity, so it’s important to understand the ways to find a therapist online and the questions that you might like to ask them. An online counsellor, also known as a … Read More